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Federal State Enterprise Biysk Oleum Plant  — is one of the leading enterprises of Russian industry. Our history has begun in 1950 when the Ministry of Forestry of the USSR was ordered to submit the proposals to establish the plants for the manufacturing of ballistic powder and explosives in Altay region. In 1965 the factory was detached from Biysk Chemical Plant as a producer of blasting explosives and sulfuric acid.

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Nowadays Biysk Oleum Plant is the biggest factory in the Science City of Biysk. It is a modern multifunctional plant with a strong engineering capability that allows realizing the entire working cycle: from an idea to its implementation. New directions of activity are searched by the department of new technology and our own research and development center. Biysk Oleum Plant is included into the “State List of the Leading Research Institutions”.

The engineering capabilities of BOP consist of

The sales geography of BOP spreads from the Kola Peninsula to the Russian Far East. The plant sells 80% of explosive boosters on the domestic market. More than 60% of our output comprises patented in-house products.

All the products manufactured by BOP meet the requirements of the process procedures, all-Union State Standard (GOST), industrial standards, technical specifications and receive the approval of the core Russian research institutions. The high quality of our products is proved by numerous certificates, results of multi-center trials and different awards. The quality management system is certified to GOST R ISO 9001-2008.
Lately BOP rapidly develops the industries, extends the assortment, reconstructs and upgrades the older plants and organizes the new ones. We also work in a close collaboration with Federal Research and Production Center “Altay”, Institute for Problems of Chemical & Energetic Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Eastern Research Institute, State Research Institute “Kristall”. It leads to the increase of our plant’s potential and stimulates its development.