Federal State Enterprise Biysk Oleum Plant

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Stable development and innovations

Federal State Enterprise “Biysk Oleum Plant” is the major budget revenue generating enterprise of the Biysk Science city. The plant annually contributes to the amount of Biysk science-intensive and innovative products. BOP is included into the national list of “Leading research institutions of Russian Federation”.

Национальный реестр «Ведущие научные организации России»

One of the most important competitive edges of BOP is our own research and development plant that allows realizing the entire working cycle from an idea to its industrial implementation. The perspective directions of the plant’s activity are searched by the department of development and investment management and our own science and technology center.

The department of development and investment management

In 2012 BOP established the department of development and investment management that is responsible for the search, development and practical application of innovative technologies. The department works in close collaboration with research institutes and universities of Moscow, Dzerzhinsk, Novosibirsk, Altay Region. It also provides the active search of new science intensive and innovative industrial technologies and marketable products.

Due to the effective teamwork of the department specialists in November, 2012 the plant won the tender of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the research and development of “T-product”.

Nowadays “T-product” is one of the most perspective explosives. It is a unique product that possesses notable physical and chemical characteristics: high density, brisance, mechanical stability and low sensitivity to detonation pulse.

Now the specialists of the department are working on the realization of several federal target grants till 2020. As a result BOP is planning to reconstruct the acid regeneration production and set up the industrial plants of octogen, para-nitrotoluene and “T-product” spending more than 1 billion rubles from the federal budget.

Moreover within the formation of the federal target grant “National System of chemical and biological safety of Russian Federation” (2015-2020) BOP has carried out the analysis of technical and economical parameters of the abandonment operations on the production areas of the JSC “Polyex”. The liquidation of dangerous production facilities of “Biysk Chemical Plant” will return 600 hectares of Biysk production areas into economic circulation and increase the regional investment and ecological attraction.
Apart from the realization of federal target grants the department is searching for new technologies in order to create innovative output and plants capable to produce popular and competitive products.

Research and development center

It includes the research laboratory, the trial plant and the patent, rationalization and technical information office. Together with the department of development and investment management the research center is working on the upgrade and optimization of the existing plants and the development of new product technologies.

A complex approach to research and production problems gives good results. BOP has organized and upgraded the productions of superplasticizer, cetane improver additive to diesel fuel “Ecocetol®”; invented the production technology of emulsion explosives “Emigran®”. The research center specialists are working on the new kinds of explosives with the characteristics that are similar to usual explosives but far exceed them in safety. In collaboration with the Institute for Problems of Chemical & Energetic Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Federal Nuclear Center the research center of BOP has been working on the technology of “T-product” synthesis for several years.

One of the most important fields of the research center work is the production of para-nitrotoluene for the manufacturing of the aramid fibers that are used in a wide range of composite materials from armor vests and car body parts to rocket motor cases.
The center’s staff regularly takes part in scientific conferences of a different level. All the specialists have higher and professional education. Among them there are two candidates of chemical science, two candidates of technical science, one honourable chemist and two prizewinners of Altay Science and Technology Award.