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Первый директор Бийского олеумного завода Н.П. Докукин

N. Dokukin – the first director of Biysk Oleum Plant

22 March

The Ministry of Forestry of the USSR and the Ministry of Agricultural Machine Building were ordered to submit the proposals to establish the plants for the manufacturing of ballistic powder and explosives in Altay region.

8 June

According to the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 1417-578 the Ministry of Building had to provide the construction of the plants.
The engineer of the General Plan I. Galeta made the setting-out work and drove in the first pegs. The construction of the central heating and power plant as well as mechanical repair plant began.
The eastern production area (postbox No. 47) was accepted as commissioned.
1960 The plant under the postbox No. 47 got the name “Biysk Chemical Factory”.
20 July
Several departments were detached from the Biysk Chemical Factory to make up a new plant. It got the departments of sulfuric acid production (oleum production), trotile, tetranitropentaerytrite, TNT and hexogen production, electrode plant, mechanical repair plant and communications department. It was necessary to quickly assume the new departments, organize the management and provide an uninterrupted work to begin an independent functioning since 1 August, 1965. Further the western production areas were added.

5 August

N. Dokukin was appointed the first director of Biysk Oleum Plant. This day is considered to be the plant`s birthday.


The time of factory management organization: the establishment of the departments of steam and water supply, instrumentation, construction and repair, communications, transport, electricity, sulfuric acid and industrial explosives production, acetone regeneration, and central laboratory. Also the production office was established along with quality control department, ecology department and No.56 kindergarten. On November, 7 the working staff took part in the holiday demonstration with the plant’s own colour.
1968 A prominent year in the plant’s history. The factory paid off the state debts, got almost 2 million rubles benefit. Biysk Oleum Plant began to work steadily and switched to new business conditions. The inducement fund, the social and cultural fund appeared as well as the plant’s own sports club “Voskhod”.
1969 The capital construction plan was 100.4 % fulfilled. In November the department of consumer goods began working. Since that time plant has been producing a wide range of household chemicals. The same year the first cooperative house was built. In collaboration with Altay Research and Development Institute of Chemical Technologies a summer camp “Solnechniy” was organized near Lake Kanonerskoye. In winter its heated rooms turned into a resort for the working staff. Also the factory opened the People’s University of Chemical Technology and Technical Progress.
1971 On the basis of the computation centre of Altay Research and Development Institute of Chemical Technologies the first industrial control system was created. Also three new houses were constructed.
1974 The faculty of young specialists was opened at the People’s University..
1975 The House of Young Technicians was opened along with the youth hostel.
5 April
The first issue of the factory’s own newspaper “For the Progress”. It has been still informing the staff about the Oleum Plant life.
1979 A new automatic line of acetone and other solvents filling was built in the 5th department. The foreman of technical control department E. Shvetsova was elected deputy of the 10th Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
1981 The first 9-floored house was built and some household plots were organized in Polevodka village.
1982 The attitude towards consumer goods has considerably changed. It caused the necessity to organize a separate plant of consumer goods manufacturing. The 3rd department got a granulation complex and a granulotole production area.
1985 On February, 21 the working staff got two red challenge banners: the regional one – for good results in the 1984 regional competition of consumer goods manufacturers and the city one – for the best results of the 4th quarter of 1984. A new 3-section 9-floored hostel was constructed.
1986 The operator of the 3rd department Z. Kryukova was elected conventioneer of the 27th Congress of the Communist Party.
1989 The specialists of the plant set up the production of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (sulfonol) by their own efforts. In May the plant’s komsomol committee organized a youth center where many factory’s and komsomol events were held.  A new No. 87 kindergarten was built along with one more kindergarten for 350 children in the “Zelyoniy Klin” district. Also a new 9-floored house was constructed.

The dissolution of the Ministry of Machinery Building forced Biysk Oleum Plant to organize its economical activity independently without any orders of the higher management. After a temporary suspension of production in the 6th department a new production of nitroxylol was set up.
During the upgrade of the existing production areas the oil colours manufacturing was reconstructed and pentaphthalic enamels production was organized. A new accumulative station was set up in the 11th department. BOP bought a cultural center and opened its own recreation center “Nina”. A new 5-floored house was built.

1993 The first visits of children to the recreation center were organized.
1994 Due to the development of metal mining industry and the increase of explosives demand the production of grammonite was set up..
1995 In order to satisfy the demands of detonating chord production the manufacturing of pentolite was established.
1996 The manufacturing of battery acid and electrolyte was set up. These products got several awards. In 2002 and 2011 the battery acid produced by BOP was recognized as “Best Altay Product”. In 2003 it was among the hundred best Russian goods. In 2011 the sulfuric acid electrolyte was claimed to be “Best Russian Product”.
1997 The technology of pharmaceutical substance “Nitrazepam” synthesis was practiced out. Due to the extending of printed materials range the factory’s typography got a significant upgrade. A new house with 13 flats was built.
1998 In collaboration with “Altayspetsproduct” the manufacturing of pentaphthalic varnishes was established. A 9-floored house was constructed.
1999 The production of TGF-850 demolition blocks was set up using the technology invented by the State Research Institute “Kristall”. BOP got the license for the independent development and production of new explosives. The plant created, tested and produced grammonite.
2002 The production of styphnic acid started. A railway bypass was opened to avoid the transportation of the dangerous materials through the city.
2003 A new 9-floored house was built.
2008 The development department was established. It united the development division, the 19th department based on the trial ground and the research laboratory. The explosive “Grammonite P21” became the prizewinner of the “100 Best Russian Products” competition.
2009 The electrode production line was upgraded. The sulfuric acid department got the water-treatment plant. The construction of cartridge emulsion explosives manufacturing started. BOP was claimed to be the winner of “Best Industrial Plant” competition according to the results of 2008.


The manufacturing of three new products began: cartridge emulsion explosives “Emigran”; diesel fuel additives that increased its cetane number up to Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards; concrete superplasticizers. In 2010 BOP was the prizewinner of “All-Russian Quality Management Competition” held by “All-Russian Quality Organization”.
2011 The factory got several prizes in “Best Socially Responsible Employer” competition. The cartridge emulsion explosives “Emigran” and diesel fuel additive got the golden medals of preliminary round of the interregional competition “Best Siberian products and Services – GEMMA 2010”.
2012 The BOP’s project “The development and production of the industrial cartridge emulsion explosives “Emigran” was recognized as the best in “Successful Start” nomination of “New Altay” innovation project competition. Also the plant was the winner of “Best Russian Company” competition in the nomination “For the Stable Development Dynamics”.