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Sulfuric acid production

The manufacturing of sulfuric acid was initially aimed at the militaty industry, that’s why there was a demand for a highly concentrated and pure product with no admixtures. Such quality could be achieved only by the contact process using elemental sulfur as a raw material. This method is still used by Biysk Oleum Plant.

Due to the well-practiced technology of high-quality sulfuric acid processing for the needs of military industry the plant easily managed to establish the manufacturing of the top-quality battery acid and electrolytes of any density (on customer’s request). Our customers declareв that the use of battery acids made by Biysk Oleum Plant had increased the service life of their accumulators by 1.5 times (in comparison to the acids of the other producers).

Sulfuric acid plant products

1-grade contact sulfuric acid

Federal Standard (GOST) 2184-2013

Improved contact sulfuric acid

Federal Standard 2184-2013

Black contact sulfuric acid

Federal Standard 2184-2013

Industrial Oleum

Federal Standard 2184-77

Improved industrial oleum

Federal Standard 2184-77

Top-grade battery acid

Federal Standard 667-73

Sulfuric electrolyte

Technical specifications 2121-033-0751608-99

Sodium bisulfate (aqueous solution)

Technical specifications 2142-047-07511608-2002