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“Ecocetol” cetane improver additive

Most of Russian refineries produce the fuel with a cetane number up to 45-48 but modern motor require diesel fuel with a centane number of 51-53 (Euro Standard). The manufacturing of such fuels requires either deep upgrade of refineries or the use of cetane improver additives.

“Ecocetol” cetane improver additive is the original product of Biysk Oleum Plant.

The multi-center research had proved that “Ecocetol”:

  • effectively increases the cetane number of diesel fuel;
  • increases motor power;
  • improves cold-starting and reduces  grey/blue smoke from the exhaust;
  • smoothes motor harshness and loudness;
  • protects from the deposition on injectors and combustion chamber;
  • has an anticorrosion effect.

The regular use of “Ecocetol” increases the lifetime of fuel system by 15-20%. “Ecocetol” can be used at refineries, gas stations and at the moment of the car filling.

The results of “Ecocetol” tests

Fuel specification The amount of additive % Cetane number
Initial fuel Initial fuel + Ecocetol
Standard fuel 0.05 40.0 43.0
0.3 48.0
Diesel fuel (GOST R 523681) 0.1 48.3 53.6
Diesel fuel ( GOST R 523682) 0.6 48.0 57.8
1.0 61.2
Diesel fuel L-0.050623 0.1 49.4 50.0
0.2 51.6
0.3 52.2
0.5 53.4
0.7 55.7
1.0 59.9

The tests were carried out by “All-Russian Research Institute of Refining” (Moscow), “Achinsk Refinery” (Achinsk) and JSK “Kemiru” (Chelyabinsk).

The recommendations for drivers:

  • You can add “Ecocetol” exactly before the fueling but the tank should still contain 10-15% of the remaining fuel.
  • Ask the gas station operator to show you the fuel certificate. The cetane number is written in the first line according to the Federal Standard and should not be less than 45. The necessary amount of “Ecocetole” depends on this number.