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Metal working, designing and production of custom equipment

The mechanical-repair department was one of the plants detached from Biysk Chemical Factory according to the order of the Ministry of Defence Industry becoming a part of Biysk Oleum Plant. Until the 90-s the department worked for the whole industry – the specialists of the plant mounted and serviced the equipment at the special chemical factories all over the Soviet Union. Many years of military industry activity had given us a significant experience that we can offer now to our partners. The mechanical plant of Biysk Oleum Plant offers the companies and private persons the design and production of custom equipment, details and components from construction steel, cast iron and aluminum according to the customer’s technical requirements, design documentation or the documentation made up by the specialists of Biysk Oleum Plant.

We perform the following types of work:


  • Petrochemical and special chemistry equipment including non-standard facilities
  • Boiler equipment
  • Technological tools for foundry production, press forging and machinery

Sand molding

  • Cast steel (up to 600 kg)
  • Grey cast iron (up to 1000 kg)
  • Acid resisting cast iron for the items used in corrosive medium (up to 600 kg)
  • Heat-resistant cast iron – high-chromium iron for the items used under high temperature (up to 600 kg)
  • The production of wooden pattern equipment

Other processing types

  • Galvanic coating: bluing, chroming, galvanization (up to 50 kg, size – 400x900)

Boiler welding

  • Metal sheet bending and cutting (sheet maximum thickness – 20 mm, shell diameter – 3 mm, shell length – 20020 mm, bend length – 5050 mm);
  • Bending of pipes with the diameter of 86 mm, production of coils;
  • Manual arc welding, semiautomatic shielded welding, automatic welding;
  • Manufacturing of vessel equipment for petrochemistry and special chemistry.

Mechanical processing

  • Turning (maximum diameter above the caliper – 700, above the frame – 1000, processing length – 5000) on the turning lathe of 2300х1520 size
  • Milling and multi-axis boring (the sizes of the machine effective area  - 400х1600 and 500х1250, processing height – 420)
  • Gear-milling (maximum module – 25, wheel diameter – 1500, timber width –  500)
  • Surface grinding (maximum dimensions – 1250х280х320)
  • External grinding (maximum diameter – 400x1800, item length –  2000);
  • Internal grinding (maximum diameter – 300x320, diameter of the settled item - 560)
  • Instrumental works – stamps and moulds production, tools sharpening.

Department sales:
Phone: (3854) 396-111
             (3854) 397-231
             (3854) 397-99
E-mail: tnh5@boz.biysk.ru