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Superplasticizer – cement modifier S-3

Superplasticizer belongs to plasticizing additives of the 1st group that provide the increase of concrete consistency from P1 with a slump of 2-4 cm up to P5 not affecting the concrete firmness. It is used for the concrete mix modifying in order to reduce time, energy and financial costs.

  • improves the consistency of concrete mixes and cement mortars by 6-7 times, making it possible to concrete not only highly reinforced constructions but the usual ones almost without a vibrator;
  • reduces water requirement of the concrete mix;
  • increases the firmness of the concrete mix up to 30% (10-15 MPa), its density, homogeneity and improves its structure;
  • improves the cohesion between old and new concretes;
  • improves the water-, cold- and corrosion resistance of concrete by 2-4 times;
  • reduces cement consumption by 20 %;
  • reduces the time of steam treatment or the stripping time of air hardening elements;
  • easily blends with other additives without reacting and saving its properties.

The superplasticizer should be solved till 15-35% concentration and added to the concrete mixer after the bulk of water. The resultant mixture easily fills in the formwork or paving slab forms creating a plane and smooth surface that requires no finishing. The use of superplasticizer helps to get a high-strength concrete of 600-700 grade using usual cement of 400 and 500 grade, reduce its consumption by 15-20% and cut off the time of concrete thermal treatment.